4 steps to finding the best travel hashtags on Instagram

Sure, everyone knows about #TBT, but what about hashtags more specific to the travel, tourism industries? What about destination marketers? How do you find the best travel hashtags on Instagram in order to start using them? Hashtag discovery is key to success on Instagram, after all.

Fortunately we know exactly how to find these hashtags and we’re here to share just that. Got any questions we didn’t cover? Find us Twitter @UnionMetrics.

Step one: Start with big hashtag on Instagram mobile search

Since they’ve updated mobile search, it will show you “related hashtags” at the top of your search for many hashtags (but not all of them). As you’re typing in your search it will also show you some suggestions there, so don’t overlook those either.

travel mobile search travel mobile search 2

Step two: Explore these related hashtags

Take note of the related hashtags you want to use on relevant posts and spend a little time browsing them to be sure none of them have anything you don’t want your brand to be associated with. A few seconds of searching can save a big headache of a social media crisis later.

Step three: Test posting hashtag combinations

We always recommend using a mix of large popular hashtags and smaller, more targeted niche hashtags. You can read more about finding the right niche hashtags on Instagram here.

Step four: Do more hashtag research

Visit the profiles of the popular accounts in the travel industry, all across the industry: Big travel companies, travel periodicals, influencers, everyone. See which hashtags some similar, very popular accounts from other brands and influencers use and search using the same method above. You might find a few underused but highly engaged niche hashtags you can test on your posts.

Bonus: Create your own unique hashtag

Use this on your posts and encourage your fans, followers, employees, and customers to use it when they talk about you. Consider a contest to launch its use, if appropriate, and post physical collateral around your office or physical brand space to remind and encourage everyone associated with your brand to use it.

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