Starwood’s Snapchat experiments

New platforms can be intimidating to brands, not just because of logistics but because of the risk of making a mistake that could potentially pollute their brand’s image. So while we always advocate for leaving room for experimentation in any brand’s social media marketing plans, we also acknowledge that brands can take that experimentation as slow as they want to (or it can even be on a personal level at first by the Social Media Manager or other social team members).

Starwood hotels is doing just this in their approach to Snapchat, testing out some geofilters on location at their properties rather than investing in a full Snapchat presence or Discover channel. (It would also make sense for them to buy some advertising inside a travel-oriented channel that already exists). They have a few different filter choices that reflect the different reasons guests might be staying with them:

Starwood Snaps 2


The thought behind this strategy? According to Digiday:

“Starwood’s investment in the platform is very small at the moment. (A Snapchat geofilter costs as little as $5.) The hurdle is less about measurement than the investment in creating content specific to the platform, according to Espinoza.

‘You cannot just repurpose content from Instagram or Facebook,’ she said. ‘We want to be thoughtful, and this geofilter campaign is the first step for us to understand the power of Snapchat.’”

A thoughtful social strategy is always a solid one. They also smartly backed it up with posts on Instagram and Twitter, letting followers there know about the new Snapchat filters available.

The lack of such an update on Facebook could be a careful choice based on their particular fan and follower demographics there vs the other two platforms.

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