Shop the Tony Awards red carpet with Nordstrom

This Sunday’s Tony Awards is likely to have a higher viewership than normal due to the runaway success of Hamilton, and Nordstrom is capitalizing on this moment by making the red carpet shoppable. As Marketing Dive covers:

“Impulse buying is essential for fashion. The ability to measure those impulses is immense.; the ability to turn them into instant revenue is gold.”

You can’t impulse buy a gown just yet though; it’s being limited to accessories for the moment in a move that could make this experiment much more manageable. It is, after all, in uncharted waters:

“While ‘see now, buy now’ seems a long time coming, it’s actually untested—as Luxury Daily notes, Nordstrom still hasn’t made it clear how it is going to distinguish which items on the red carpet are available for sale. Limiting the items for purchase to accessories will make that easier to execute, and protects the show from becoming a retail event, Ramey told Luxury Daily.”

Nordstrom paired this innovative campaign with a sweepstakes promoted on their Twitter account:

But it’s conspicuously missing from their Facebook and Instagram profiles. It’s possible this is part of their plan in keeping this experiment manageable, which is also important since it isn’t their only one. They’re also experimenting with making Snapchat shoppable:

It’s a whole new world of retail out there in social.

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