How to keep up social engagement over the summer

Summer can be a slow time across industries as kids are out of school, families are taking trips, and we’re all tempted to let our minds wander over from our computer screens out into the sun-drenched days outside our windows. So how can you keep up social engagement during this non-peak season? Fortunately, mobile is booming and mobile is, well, mobile.

Here are some ways to tap into your audience as they enjoy their summer time. If you’re engaging enough, they’ll take some time away from their beach reads to check in with you.

Reward your most loyal and active audience members

You know the ones that check in regularly, just to say hi and remind you of how much they appreciate what your brand or product does for them or even just that they’re still using it? Let them know that you see and hear them and reward them for it in a way that makes sense for your brand and relationship. These kind of exchanges encourage other audience members to be more vocal because they know that their loyalty won’t go unrecognized.

Similarly, you can partner with any relevant influencers who are still engaging with you during this time to tap into their audience and hopefully give both of you a boost. (See more details around this and how to tap into specific niche audiences in our post 4 ways to use social media to keep fans engaged year-round).

Consider a strategic contest

Sure everyone loves free stuff and unfortunately people who follow you just to win something aren’t likely to stick around, but it is possible to carefully design a contest to tap into your target audience with follow-up content that gives them a reason to stick around after it’s over. You could also consider something like a smaller, strategic weekly giveaway to keep engagement increased over a slow summer period, or even start featuring more UGC (more on that in the next section).

Use your downtime wisely

When things are on the slow side it’s the perfect time to invest more time in your audience; spend more time looking at the content your fans and followers are producing, and be sure you’re liking and sharing some of it where appropriate. Anything you can do to show your audience that they’re appreciated is more likely to be reciprocated.

Downtimes are also a great time to experiment with new forms of content and ways of interacting with your audience. If something resonates in the slow season it might just really blow up when everyone is back in the fall! Take some extra time to dig into your analytics from different times during the year and past years and take note of any patterns. Use this to inform your experimenting through the rest of the summer and into the fall and holiday season.

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