Announcing our Instagram Tracker additions: Comments and geo reporting!

We’re so excited to unveil two new advanced Instagram Tracker additions: geography and comment reporting! These are available to all Social Suite subscribers.

New geo report in account and topic Trackers

For any Instagram account or topic you’re monitoring, you can now learn a lot more about where the posts in your Trackers are coming from. Our new geography report includes a map and summary of all locations geo-tagged in any post in your Tracker. Use this information to identify trends, discover popular or new places, and understand where a conversation is coming from.

New comments summary report in account Trackers

For any Instagram account you’re monitoring – whether it’s yours or a competitor’s – you can now see a high-level view of all comments that account’s posts have received over time. Use this report to identify trends in comments, listen to your audience, and identify your most engaged fans. Learn what people are saying across your posts, when they’re commenting, and who they are. You can even export this information for deeper search and content analysis.

You can see these new updates now in the Instagram Trackers in your Social Suite account. Log in here. And if you don’t have a subscription to the Union Metrics Social Suite, you can learn more about it here.

Please let us know if you have any questions or want to see a demo! Geo Medium

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