How to add more video to your social strategy

Video is still the reigning content format of choice in marketing at the moment, but how do you add more video to your strategy if it’s already set in stone or full of other content types that are working for your audience? Here’s how to painlessly expand your social video strategy.

Make an assessment

You know your audience, so you know which platform they spend the most time on and interact with you the most. What does your current content strategy look like for that platform? Could video meet any of your current content plan needs better than the format you already have planned? If you were going to live-tweet an office tour for example, a Periscope live-stream wouldn’t clog up your followers feeds as much and would give them an opportunity to react with you in real-time with the bonus of putting a face and personality to your brand that isn’t possible through tweet alone.

If you’re trying to boost your organic engagement on Facebook and interact with your existing community there more, then a Facebook Live Q&A would be a great way to do both of those things at once.

You also want to consider your resources; if you don’t have the ability to produce high-quality edited video, then stick to experimenting with live-streaming options that aren’t expected to be as highly polished and are more informal in general. If the former is more fitting for your brand but you don’t have the team in place, consider hiring an outside team to help you with all the technical aspects of planning, production and editing. Producing quality video isn’t as easy as some seasoned professionals make it look!

Make plans

Now that you know the video format that’s going to work best for your brand, it’s time to plan out a content calendar and start executing! Write scripts for short quick tips, write out talking points for live-streams, and be sure for either you’re choosing the right people to represent your brand. They should be knowledgable about your brand and industry, comfortable in front of the camera, and have an engaging personality.

Need more resources to help with your planning, or even deciding which format to tackle first? We’ve got you covered:

Make sure you’re not missing anything else

Our most important tip for video? Have fun with it! Especially live-streaming options; this is new territory for the majority of brands and marketers and audiences are willing to embrace efforts brands are making in this space. It’s a chance for brands to show their human side with a well-chose brand representative.

Featured image via Unsplash