Answer these 3 questions to take social media updates in stride

Even for a well-seasoned social media manager, the seemingly endless stream of social media platform updates can get a little overwhelming. Here’s how to take them all in stride, no matter what changes Facebook or Twitter or Instagram may throw at you.

What does this change?

Minor updates are obviously nothing to worry about, but some things can signal a shift in where the platform would like to focus going forward or even a bigger shift in the industry— and sometimes that will just be declared ad nauseam in blog posts when a new feature gets rolled out while it’s still too early to tell how users will actually adopt it. So ask yourself, to the best of your ability, what does this feature change?

Will it change how people use the platform? Does your current content strategy fit that new use, or will you have to tweak things or even completely overhaul it? Take a look at your content strategy and see how you can experiment with the new features offered in an update without radically changing everything.

Will it cause users to shift from this platform? This is trickier to answer because none of us, try as we might, are social media marketing soothsayers. But you should always be paying attention to where your target audience spends their time and a huge platform update is a perfect reason to double-check on that portion of your social listening. That way you can catch a drift before it becomes a major shift.

Should it change my goals?

If you have clearly outlined goals for your overall social strategy plus more specific ones for each platform that you’re on, then you can clearly and easily say how any platform updates are going to effect your activity there. You might even get lucky and find that a new feature enhances a goal you have for your content strategy on a specific platform. For instance, if you’ve been wanting to grow your share of voice on Facebook and live video is a good fit for your brand, Facebook’s new updates would be perfect for you.

If the changes aren’t an immediately obvious boon for you, don’t panic. Think about new ways to approach your content on the platform that still fit your goals. And if your goals are overdue for an overhaul anyway, there’s no better time to take action.

Do I have the resources to experiment?

We always, always encourage brands to leave a little room for experimentation in their approach to any platform, no matter their resources. New platform updates are a fantastic excuse to take score of your goals and strategy as we already discussed, but also to come up with creative new ideas for what your brand is doing in that space.

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