Remarketing older content on social media

You spend a lot of time on content – developing it, sharing it, analyzing it. To get even more from your content, you should think how you can repurpose older content to reshare again now. Think of all the people who missed it the first time around! We bet there’s still some life left in your older content, so here are a few tips on how to find and repurpose older content on social media.

How to find and share older content

First, you need to find quality content to repurpose. It should still stand up and be relevant to today’s audiences. So how can you decide what’s worth resharing, and what should be left in the past? Take a look at your social engagement, dig into your web analytics and trust your instincts.

On the social side, review your posts from one, six and 12 months ago. Which tweets and posts were getting the most engagement? Were any of those links to blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, research or infographics your content team published? Those are good candidates for resharing. On the web analytics side, look at pages or blog posts from those same historical time periods that generated the most uniques or highest time on page. What was your audience spending time on then? Finally, examine the content you published, regardless of how it performed according to social or web analytics – what do you think still stands up? What is worth promoting again now?

Second, you need to share that content to your current audience. Depending on how your social posts about this content performed the first time around, you’ll probably want to update your social captions this time around. Consider adding a new image or new hashtag(s) to reach a different audience. Consider updating the text or CTA in your post, as well, to entice a new audience. You may also want to take advantage of a trend like Throwback Thursday, too – try posting a link to a throwback blog post with the hashtag #tbt.

Using Union Metrics Echo to find older content to share

Let’s take it a step further and show you exactly how you could track down content that performed well on social media – Twitter, in particular – to repurpose. Using Union Metrics Echo to explore tweets from last month or last year, we can identify the posts your audience responded to, and dig up interesting content you could potentially share again now. Let’s try it.

First, in case you’re new to Union Metrics Echo, here’s a quick overview. Echo is our fully interactive Twitter history search engine. Using it, you can instantly search for anything that ever appeared on Twitter, get tweet counts, discover notable tweets, and more. It’s available in our Social Suite.

In this case, since we want to look for content shared in the past, let’s search for tweets from a particular Twitter account. Hubspot is well known for its successful content marketing programs, so they’re a great example to use here. We’ll start by running an Echo query for from:hubspot for all of 2015, which will search for every tweet posted by the @hubspot account in 2015. That returns more than 19,000 tweets, which you can see here: hubspot 2015 tweets

Next, let’s zoom into a particular time period. Let’s look at the week of April 12-19, 2015. That’s still more than 400 tweets, as @hubspot posted on average 74 times per day then. April 16 was a busy day, with a big spike in activity. That seems like as good a day as any to explore, so we can just click on it there in Echo to see a set of @hubspot’s most notable tweets.

@hubspot tweets from april 16 2015

You can see two of the top tweets that come up – there’s one about creating infographics and another about mobile and SEO. So we’ve found two potential candidates for re-purposing. Both generated a large number of retweets and likes, so they were popular at the time. And the topics are still relevant today – infographics and SEO are definitely still issues that marketers are interested in now. So these are both excellent candidates for blog posts you could share now to get some more mileage from them.

This took us about 2 minutes to track down. You could easily do this every day to find one #throwback post to re-share. If that seems too frequent, try it once a week. You could make it a regular feature, give it its own hashtag, and suddenly you’ve got a brand new content stream that requires basically no additional effort from your content creation team. Give your old content new life!

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