A day in the life of Union Metrics Customer Support

At Union Metrics we work hard to build the best products we can in the world of social media analytics, and that takes a lot of different talents. So one employee at a time we’re sharing what a day in the life of our jobs is like. 

Seeing a name like “Customer Support Representative” gives you an idea of what kind of work goes into that role, but there’s nothing better than an explanation from the person who lives it to understand it. With that, we give you a day in the life of Betsy Rogers, our Customer Support Representative at Union Metrics. 

On misconceptions around customer support.

One of the greatest parts of a customer support job is the variety of tasks this job entails.  I speak to customers about everything from crisis management, to regular brand monitoring. We can cover billing, product setup, interpretation of analytics, and general social media strategies— often all in the same interaction.

On what a typical day is like.

After petting my kitties, I hop on my motorcycle and do a wheelie all the way into work, swinging my lasso with my non-throttle hand (after all, this is Texas) [Editor's note: Betsy is in our Austin office].  I cover most of the globe on a usual day (digitally).  Much of my morning is spent helping international customers in Europe and Asia. I enjoy learning the variety of ways our product is used, from television talent show contests, to the renovation of a small local clock tower. Around mid-day the regular flow of North American traffic picks up. I spend any lulls reaching out to customers regarding any issues we notice regarding their accounts. In the afternoons and towards the end of the day much of the Pacific Rim is getting to work and I get to talk to customers from Australia and Indonesia.

On the most unexpectedly rewarding part of customer service. 

We work with customers whose familiarity with social media can range from first-time users to dyed in the wool social media gurus.  Anytime I can teach someone something new, or shed some light on a new feature of our product I’m happier than a pig in a mud pit.

On the most unexpectedly challenging part of customer service. 

Same as the rewards; with so many different expectations and uses and comfort levels, making sure you match your answers with the technical jargon and level of detail a customer needs or would understand can be tricky.

On the job-unrelated thing makes you better at customer service.

Having an anthropology degree, I am essentially trained to try and figure out the reasoning and motivation beneath a human’s actions. Good customer support involves answering the second and third question that might come up in your first answer. I like the mental exercise of anticipating what a customer might need before they ask.

On how customer service fits in with the rest of the UM teams.

It’s my job to be an expert in how exactly our product works, and how best to describe this product. I know all the sticking points customers run into, and the best ways to solve them.  I work with almost all of our teams regularly helping make sure our product is fitting anyone and everyone’s needs.

On which other person’s job (or team) you’d like to learn more about.

I’m in awe of our amazing Editorial team, I’d love to sharpen pencils for them and breathe on their necks.  The amount of quality content they put out on a regular basis is amazing. I only hope that one day, I can touch their keyboards. [Editor's note: We're ordering fresh pencils from Amazon right now.]

On the next thing you’d like to learn in your own role.

Spanish. Or any other language, the variety of international customers we work with would make this a very helpful skill.

On the advice you would give yourself starting your first day at UM?

Keep your sense of humor, and keep trying.

Will Merle save us from Skynet?

Having heard the speculation of the tactical capabilities of Merle’s head dongle, I suspect Merle may be laying groundwork for Skynet.  Which is to say, I heartily welcome our incoming robot overlords, 0101101010101010111010101010010001010101010110101011010101010101110101010100100010101101011010110101010101011010101101010101010111010101010010001010110101101011010101010101101010110101010101011101010000101011010110101101010101010110101011010101010101110101010100100010101101011010110101010101011010101101010101010111010101010010001010110101101011010101010101101010110101010101011101010101001000101011010110101101010101010110101011010101010101110101010100100010101101011010110101010101011010101101010101010111010101010010001010110101101011010101010101101

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