5 easy steps to boost engagement with your content on Facebook

This blog post is part of a multi-part series where we’re going to highlight some of our favorites ways to get more engagement on our favorite social media. Here’s Facebook. 

First things first: Set up your baseline

In order to boost engagement on any platform, you need a baseline to start from. So the first step is always to take a look at your existing analytics or set some up if you don’t have any yet. In this case, unless you’ve just started your Facebook Page you should have some analytics you can look at from Facebook themselves, or go even more in-depth with Union Metrics Facebook analytics.

Don’t know what to look at? We recommend reading The metrics that matter on Facebook to get you started.

Run an experiment

We decided to try consciously experimenting with our Facebook content back in November to great results and we’ve been experimenting, measuring the results and adjusting our content plan based on those results ever since. Do something similar by testing different content types, times to post, and more.

Even if you know one type of content hasn’t worked well for you in the past- say, status updates- still sprinkle them into your plan at different times. It might be that your audience is only interested in engaging with status updates in the evenings when they’re off of work and browsing.

Build audience personas

The most important part of planning content is being sure that you’re speaking to the right audience in the right place at the right time, which is to say: Know your audience. Facebook is one of the best places to do this because of Facebook Audience Insights. Play around with the different settings to build pictures of the different people your brand is trying to reach. Knowing who you’re talking to more specifically makes it a lot easier to craft content that solves their needs and entertains them.

Create content calendars

Instead of just posting whatever comes to mind each day, consciously plan out a content calendar based on your top performing posts from the past: Ask what type of content were they? What time of day did you post? Had you posted earlier that day? Combine this with the audience personas you’ve just created. Pay attention to which posts perform the best based on this new information and keep tweaking your calendars going forward.

We like to plan out about a month at a time, still leaving room for flexibility in case a big product announcement comes up or a current industry trend or pop culture moment emerges that makes sense for us to talk about. It’s important to leave that room in your content planning, but always be sure you’re not being heavy handed with it; you want to choose events or cultural moments that make sense for both your brand voice and values.

Rinse and repeat

Keep experimenting with content formats and the timing of your posts. Video- especially live video- is definitely having A Moment right now (here’s Why you need to do more Facebook video) so see how you can experiment with it in the way that makes the most sense for your brand.

If you approach it all as a fun social media science experiment, you and your audience will both enjoy the process a lot more.

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