3 ways to boost engagement with your Twitter content

This blog post is part of a series where we’re highlighting some of our favorites ways to get more engagement on our favorite social media. Today’s post focuses on Twitter

The longer you’re on a platform the easier it is to get stuck in a rut with your strategy there, posting the same kinds of things at the same time. Twitter is one such platform for many of us, so we thought we’d break out some ways to boost engagement with your content on Twitter by shaking up your approach a little.

First: When’s the last time you checked on your analytics?

Our free Twitter snapshot reports give you a great, quick idea of the conversation around your account- or a competitor’s!- that you can bulid on from there. You can run a few to see how the conversation is going around your own account, around a key competitors, around an important industry hashtag and around a keyword (just be sure you choose your hashtag and keyword carefully so you get something useful instead of a bunch of noise; here’s a guide to help).

If you have access to more comprehensive Twitter analytics (like ours!) check on what you’re tracking and see if the conversation has shifted recently, or if there’s anything else you should be paying attention to. Better social listening through hashtags can uncover important PR issues before they blow up, for example.

And if you need to go really deep to find the root of a conversation on Twitter, we have access to the full archive via Echo.

Second: Reassess your Twitter relationships

In both a free Twitter snapshot report and more comprehensive Twitter analytics, you should be able to pull out who the biggest contributors are around the accounts, hashtags and keywords that you’re tracking. Ask yourself these questions about them:

  1. Are these the same contributors you’ve always seen? If there are some new faces, make it a point to keep an eye on them and follow and interact where appropriate.
  2. Are these people you regularly interact with on Twitter? If not, it might be wise to start fostering an appropriate Twitter relationship with them, or at least follow them or add them to appropriate Twitter industry lists.
  3. Do you ever share their content on your account? If that’s not an appropriate move for your brand, at least make it a point to regularly read their blog and comment or even just respond with comments on Twitter. People will invest in you if you also invest in them.
  4. What other ways would be appropriate to interact with these contributors? Chances are many of them are influencers in your industry space, so consider guest posts or other influencer campaigns that fit with both of your brands and make sense for your particular industry.

Once you’ve identified these people and thought about how you want to interact with them, be sure you’re not missing anyone important by also looking at the most retweeted tweets around different topics, accounts and keywords. Who’s mentioning you and getting the most retweets about it? Are they already on your radar? Be sure you’re always aware of who is talking about you, and how.

Finally: Tweak your content.

Aside from identifying influencers and strengthening your relationship with them, tweaking your content is a great way to help boost your engagement. As you’re looking at your Twitter analytics, identify new hashtags to test and start a rolling list of new content ideas to add to your calendar, along with campaign ideas and even different content formats to try and times of day to post.

Consider an experiment where you keep track of the different times you post for a month, record the results, and use the best time the next month while you test some different formats for your content. As long as you keep pulling out which things get the most engagement and keep them going forward while trying new things, you should keep getting a steady boost in your engagement!

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