3 ways to boost engagement with your Tumblr content

This blog post is part of a series where we’re highlighting some of our favorites ways to get more engagement on our favorite social media. Today’s post focuses on Tumblr

Has your Tumblr content strategy gone a little stale? It’s easy to fall into a rut on any channel, even those full of fun GIFs and quirky humor. Here are some quick ways you can boost your engagement with your content on Tumblr.

1. Share content in several different forms over time

If you have a longer piece of content, try breaking it up into smaller pieces and sharing it over time in several posts. A video can be made into a GIFset, for example, or a long post on your blog can be broken into a series, or consider just pulling out the most salient pieces and posting them as quotes. Remember Tumblr isn’t just for GIFs, and just because visual content is the reigning best practice doesn’t mean your audience won’t respond to other content types. At least you’ll never know until you test them! Then keep track of which work best and continue rotating types of content and tracking their performance.

2. Test different posting times

Tumblr is the most active on nights and weekends, so test posting then if you haven’t. Even if you’re a B2B brand and think your audience might be the most active during the work day, other users might favorite your posts to come back to later during the day if they’re browsing in their off-hours.

3. Pay attention to your most active fans and followers

Do you know who reblogs your content the most? Does someone always answer posts that you make answerable, or even tag you in things they think you might like to see in a reblog? Establish an appropriate relationship with them, reblogging some of their content if and when appropriate, or even sending them a little brand-appropriate gift as a thank you. People invest more in you when you invest in them.

The bottom line?

There’s no real “trick” to engagement; if you’re actively and genuinely a part of the communities your target audience is a part of, then they’ll be more interested in the things you share with them because you’ll be sharing things you know will be interesting and beneficial to that community. Anything else will be met with silence because the community will know you’re just there to sell to them and not to share with them.

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