Birchbox takes the beauty tutorial live

As video has become more prominent across social media platforms, beauty brands have been smart to capitalize on this new horizon for beauty tutorials as part of their content plans. We’ve looked at NARS going 360-degrees with theirs, but the biggest issue with 360-degree video is that you can’t repurpose the content on other platforms— yet.

Birchbox- a monthly beauty subscription service- is going in a different direction on the same platform, testing Facebook Live. As Marketing Dive writes,

“Birchbox sees live video as a two-way street: It helps Birchbox engage with target audiences in real-time, but it also allows consumers to interact with the brand. The retailer approaches live streams as Q&A opportunities with audiences where Birchbox can market the products included in their monthly subscription boxes and educate audiences about the brand. “

As for results, “the brand has seen some of the highest levels of interaction and engagement ever.” We keep hearing about attention spans getting shorter, but for Birchbox longer streams are getting them better engagement because viewers can come and go as they please, getting their questions answered, interacting, and moving along with their day.

We know Facebook is bullish about live video, so this is definitely a smart move for a beauty brand in a very competitive space. And best of all, once a Live session is over, the videos are saved to the brand Page just like any other video, and they can be re-marketed and repurposed as needed.

Birchbox videos
From the Birchbox Facebook Page

All in all, this is a solid video content marketing strategy for Birchbox they can easily fold any campaign into.

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