Vine and sports are made for each other

Vines are short, looped videos. They’re up to six seconds long, making them the perfect snackable length for social media.

With something like 100 million people watching Vine videos every month, and more than 1.5 billion video loops every day, Vines have become tremendously popular. But no one does Vine better than sports brands and fans.

Since we’re just entering professional basketball playoff season, let’s talk about how basketball fans and teams use Vine (this is both timely and an excuse for us to post a lot of Warriors Vines). The NBA has a Vine account, as do most NBA teams, the networks that air NBA games, and ESPN even has an NBA-specific Vine channel. Vine itself hosts curated playlists, like the hilarious NBA fails of the week, fans post videos from games, and so much more. There is so much basketball content on Vine.

And it’s not surprising – sports and Vine are made for each other. There’s a whole Vine sports channel. And basketball in particular is just perfect for Vine. The most exciting moments in basketball are usually quick plays that only last a few seconds, like this one featuring the Warriors‘ Steph Curry and Draymond Green. You need to watch it several times to really appreciate how cool this play is.

So what makes a good Vine? It’s pretty simple really: Vine content needs to be short, stand up to repeated viewing, and have some kind of reward like a joke or climax. Sports plays have all three.

Vine videos are easily embeddable in other places, like blog posts and tweets. This makes them shareable and spreadable, and gives them even more life than they would get in the standalone Vine app. They are shared throughout Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and embedded on third-party websites.

And Vine is good for more than just replays of moments in a game. It’s great for sharing or creating memes, highlighting events behind the scenes, and encouraging participation from fans.

Vine also has a few lesser-known features. For example, TV mode auto-plays a series of Vines around a search term or hashtag. Here’s one for (who else but) Steph Curry. This is a fun way to watch a lot of different Vine content quickly, and it almost feels custom built for the sports fan. Where else can you watch basically unlimited clips of game highlights and replays? Nowhere.

Not feeling our NBA example? Here are some other great sports-focused Vine playlists and hashtags. And these are just a few – pick a sport, a team, or an athlete, and you’ll find thousands of Vine videos on it. Sports and Vine are just perfect for each other.

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