Teens love Snapchat. Should you?

Piper Jaffray recently completed their semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey. In this most recent survey, they asked teens to rate their most important social network. Snapchat lead the results, earning 28% of votes. Instagram was close behind with 27%. Twitter and Facebook were next, with others like Tumblr and Pinterest listed at the bottom.

So, as a brand or business on social media, what does this study mean for you? Should you be on Snapchat?

First, are your customers teenagers? If you’re targeting teens, then you should definitely be on Snapchat. That’s particularly true if you represent a fashion, beauty, footwear or athletic apparel brand. That doesn’t mean all Snapchat users are teens, so other brands can do well there, too. But before you jump in, think about whether or not it makes sense for your brand. Is your audience there? Do you have the resources to devote to a new social network? Do you have the right kind of content for Snapchat?

Because that’s one of the main takeaways of this study – teens prefer to consume visual content, like photos and videos, over text content. And they’re not alone; video consumption is way up across social media, content with images gets more engagement than text alone, and channels like Snapchat and Instagram are more popular than ever. So regardless of whether or not you’re targeting teens, you should be creating more visual content.

Focus on incorporating more different kinds of video, including quick casual videos like Vines and Snaps, along with longer, more professional video you can post to Facebook and YouTube. For photos, include more images with your text posts, experiment with visual-first channels like Instagram, and find some creative ways to include photos and text together. For more tips on making impactful visual content, we have a ton more guides on specifics like video on Facebook, a social video guide for brandsquestions to ask about your video contentphotos on Facebook, and our visual content marketing guide.

So maybe it’s time to add Snapchat to your social media strategy, or maybe it isn’t. But it is probably time to add Instagram if you haven’t yet, and it’s definitely time to beef up your use of visuals across the board, even on more traditional text-based channels like Twitter and Facebook.

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