Product tip: Setting up better Twitter Tracker queries

There’s so much you can search for in a Union Metrics Twitter Tracker. You’re not limited to just monitoring an account or a hashtag – with our topic Trackers, you can analyze anything that appears in a tweet. That includes keywords, phrases, hashtags, URLs, you name it. And each Tracker can contain multiple queries, so you can include a set of queries to make sure you’re finding what you need.

Here are a set of the terms and operators we support.

  • keyword: Searches for tweets containing any reference to this keyword, including hashtags or usernames.
  • keyword1 keyword2: Searches for tweets containing keyword1 AND keyword2 in any order.
  • “keyword1 keyword2”: Search for tweets containing the exact phrase “keyword1 keyword2.”
  • username: Searches for all tweets to, about and from a user.
  • @username: Searches for tweets that mention, reply to, or RT username (will not include tweets from that username).
  • from:username: Searches for tweets from a specific user.
  • #hashtag: Searches for all tweets containing #hashtag.
  • Searches for all tweets containing a specific URL or portion of a URL.

You can combine these to make more powerful queries, add in exclusions, chain together multiple terms, and more.

And if you want to get even more advanced, you should check out the queries we support in Union Metrics Echo. You can get really sophisticated with boolean operators, parentheses and more. With these, you can pinpoint exactly the tweets you want.

If you ever have questions about how your Trackers are set up, please let us know! We’re happy to help.

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