Know your audience: Miike Snow’s album + Tumblr tie-in

We talk so much about knowing your audience because it’s a necessary basis for any kind of campaign; you’ve got to know who you’re talking to, where, and how they like to be talked to in that place to make any kind of progress in a conversation with them. For band Miike Snow, building a Tumblr that ties in perfectly with their first album in several years just made sense. Entries are a mix of art to match song lyrics (that’s also hashtagged to the song for easy searching across the site as well as for easy mixing with fan’s posts—  and more on that in a minute) and other media that’s inspired by or ties into the mood of their accompanying music videos, Q&As, behind-the-scenes photos and gifs, music video stills, related songs from other artists, and of course, fan art.

Music videos don’t hold the same cultural pervasiveness they once did, so how did the one for Genghis Khan end up with its own fan art? The jaunty reimagining of a Bond-like Super-villain falling in love with his captive was just too much for Tumblr to resist, particularly when it comes to the dance scene.

Miike Snow Tumblr fan art

The Miike Snow Tumblr smartly added some of this fan art to its carefully curated gallery of posts, which is always a smart move in both encouraging UGC participation and letting participants feel heard, understood, and included. The Daily Dot even wrote an article about it, calling it “the first viral microfandom of 2016″.

Band or no, there are some great takeaways from this on being where your audience likes to hang out and speaking their language. And if you can’t speak it exactly or you’re still learning, at least amplify their voices.

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