The Week in Social #194

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On all that video content

We all know eliciting an emotional response from our audience makes them more likely to respond to and share our content, so Jack Simpson breaks down Seven tips for driving an emotional response to video marketing based on current research.

“. . .you can’t show the same video to everyone and expect a positive result across the board. You need to cater for your audience.”

Which is why “know your audience” is the golden rule. If you need help creating the content that’s going to elicit these emotions, check out 4 Steps to Creating Effective Video Content from Maria Materise for Cision. If you don’t have time to create that much content on your own, consider UGC: Why User-Generated Video Content Ups Your Credibility, by Ariel Shemesh for Convince and Convert. If the UGC is part of a contest, however, be sure you’re following the FTC’s rules because they’re continuing their influencer marketing crackdown with Machinima order, as Greg Sterling reports for Marketing Land.

On followers and engagement

The Twitter news lately has been about their algorithm change, but here are 5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Twitter Followers — And What To Do About It via Lauren Dugan of Social Times, if that’s something that has been plaguing you. If you’ve jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon for your brand but aren’t sure how to measure if it’s working, here are some Quick & Easy Ways to Measure Snapchat Engagement by Amanda Grinavich for SHIFT Communications.

On Instagram specifically

Instagram can be a little trickier for B2B, so here are 15 Instagram Accounts That Are Killing it at B2B Content for a little inspiration, by Austin Miller for Social Media Today.  Pair with 3 Notes on Building a Relevant and Resonant Brand Presence on Instagram by Andrew Hutchinson, also for SM Today.

Bonus read

And finally, We’re excited about the wrong things when it comes to virtual reality, according to Ben Kuchera for Polygon.

“While gaming is, of course, the initial push for the technology and things like education may be a close second; virtual reality has the ability to completely change how we view existing content while giving us the tool needed to adjust our own virtual environments to react to data and workflow in real time.”

Thanks for reading, and happy Friday!

Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.