The Week in Social #192

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Just for B2B.

It’s easy to get jealous of B2C companies with fun products. How easy it must be for them to communicate with their audience! But it’s possible for B2B brands to find their voice, as Chelsea Baldwin shares in How to Uncover a B2B Brand Voice That Isn’t Boring for Convince and Convert.

“Not to get too metaphysical on you, but your brand’s voice is already there—it exists in your company, the reasons it was founded, and how you conduct yourselves in your day-to-day work. You don’t have to worry so much about creating it as you do simply uncovering it.”

A great piece on whittling down the excess to find your brand’s voice.

On Facebook and live streaming.

The next new thing from Facebook? Brand video stories. Read more in their latest blog post, Three Million Business Stories. What’s Yours? They’re also changing how live video is ranked in the News Feed algorithm vs pre-recorded video. as Josh Constantine breaks down in Facebook fights Periscope by showing Live videos higher than saved streams for Tech Crunch.

If you’ve been thinking about joining Snapchat for your brand, here’s How Major Brands Are Making an Impression on Snapchat by Nancy Lazarus for Adweek’s PRNewser. If your target audience skews younger, it’s a great place to do a little social listening.

“The MTV audience is quite vocal, Epler pointed out. ‘They tell us what they like and don’t like about our Snapchat content, and often react on Twitter. They also call us out if we’re too promotional and not organic. We ask our Snapchat users what they want to see and sometimes repurpose content between platforms when it’s appropriate.’”

On Twitter chats.

Finally, everything you need to Host Your Own Twitter Chat: Time-Saving Advice, Tools, and Templates by Cathy McPhillips for Content Marketing Institute. A fantastic resource from the minds behind the long-running #CMWorld chat (held every Tuesday at 11am CT, if you’re interested in attending; we make it when we can).

Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.