TweetReach is becoming Union Metrics

We’re renaming our TweetReach products under the Union Metrics brand. Whether you’re a TweetReach snapshot report user or a paid TweetReach Pro subscriber, you won’t need to do anything during this transition. You’ll be getting the same TweetReach Twitter analytics you’ve always had, but over the next few months we’ll transition them all to the Union Metrics name. Keep reading for details.

The birth of TweetReach

Back in 2009 – a long, long time ago in social media years – we released a little app to help people analyze Tweets. We called it TweetReach, and it allowed anyone to run a quick, free search using the public Twitter Search API to generate an analytics report on Tweets matching that search.

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TweetReach was born out of a need to understand how far something spread on Twitter. There weren’t many Twitter analytics options at the time, and the few that existed didn’t do what we were looking for. TweetReach reports included the first unique reach metric for Twitter. At the time, Twitter was small enough that we could actually count up the unique recipients for every search term!

The very first public TweetReach report was run on April 2, 2009. Twitter was just a few years old, with a few million users, but it was clear even then that Twitter was going to be something very big and very important. It was going to change the world.

Over the course of 2009, we ran thousands TweetReach snapshot reports. Most were free, but we also offered a $20 upgraded option that include more and older Tweets. We started to get requests for deeper analytics and more in-depth reporting.

So in 2010, we launched the early version of TweetReach Pro – a monthly subscription that included a discounted bundle of the normally-$20 reports, with a few other pro features. Later that year, we added the first version of the TweetReach Tracker – our real-time analytics option that allowed customers to set up a search query and collect any new and future Tweets that matched it.

It was also around this time that we decided we were on to something with TweetReach. We had been working on a few other social media projects before that, but TweetReach hit the right combination of something we were passionate about and something the world seemed to really want. At the time, our company was called Appozite, and we were based in Austin, Texas. But when we realized TweetReach was more than just a good idea – it was something we could build a real, lasting company around – we packed up and moved to San Francisco.

From TweetReach to Union Metrics

That was seven years ago. And in those seven years, we’ve run millions of TweetReach snapshot reports and analyzed billions of Tweets. Those reports look a little different today than they did in 2009, but they still work very much in the same way. Our company is now called Union Metrics, and not only do we still provide some of the best damn Twitter analytics in the industry, we’ve since expanded our offering to Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr, with lots more on the way.

So as we approach the seventh anniversary of the very first TweetReach report, it’s about time to say goodbye to that name and unify all our analytics products under the Union Metrics name. TweetReach has been very good to us, but we’re so much more than TweetReach now. So over the next few months, we’ll be winding down activity on and @tweetreachapp and running everything from and @unionmetrics. Everything you got from TweetReach before, you can now get from Union Metrics. 

We’ve still got a free Twitter analytics report, along with our professional real-time Twitter analytics, just available through the Union Metrics brand and website.

And even better, you can get those Twitter analytics alongside Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook analytics though the Union Metrics Social Suite. And we have a free Instagram report if you’d like to try that out to see how you’re doing on Instagram.

TweetReach products will still be available on for a while longer during this transition. You can also access everything at We’ll keep you posted along the way. For now, be sure you’re following us here on the Union Metrics blog, as well as on Twitter at @unionmetrics.