Shield 5: An independent film on Instagram

Instagram has been host to a bevy of different creative media approaches- choose your own adventure style film-festival promotions, even a show- but this is the first time a movie has slowly progressed on the platform, 15 seconds at a time, supported by photos that advance and support the unfolding plot.

As CNET says,

“. . .the format certainly does give creator and director Anthony Wilcox (who has a string of assistant director creditors on full-length films to his name) an opportunity to experiment in a tight timeline.”

With more smartphone users treating their apps like television, this is a smart experimental film move that brands would be wise to take note of. Product placement has done rather well in traditional film and influencer marketing is popular on Instagram; this is an opportunity to sponsor an Instagram-told story, have their products appear in it, or tell their own brand story using a similar format.

Shield 5
Between videos the Shield 5 account also uploaded photos advancing and supporting the plot.

The movie unfolded over the course of the month of February, and fans were sad to see it come to an end. Shield 5 smartly offered them up extras and made sure to interact with fans in the comments so they knew where to find them:

Shield 5 extras

As with all forms of media, creativity is the only limit for interacting with your audience.

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