How to prep for a meeting in 5, 10, or 30 minutes with Union Metrics

No matter how much you plan ahead as a Social Media Manager- or any other role in charge of social analytics in your organization- sometimes you get called upon to provide metrics on short notice. Here’s how to pull together what you need using the Union Metrics Social Suite, with however much time you have.

When you’ve got 30 minutes

Half an hour might not seem like a lot, but it’s plenty of time to pull together a great report from our data. Start from the overview and insight stream on your dashboard and work deeper: 

Union Metrics Multi-Channel Detail Overview with Insights

The dashboard of your Union Metrics Social Suite is your perfect jumping off point, and thirty minutes is plenty of time to dig a little deeper; remember you can click on anything in the Insight stream to be taken to a page with more details about that particular insight. The rest of the dashboard gives a great overview of where your accounts stand, so you can put together a summary report from all of your accounts (posts, follower growth etc), going into more details based on what you’ve been asked for. If you haven’t been given specific direction, follow any interesting questions your dashboard presents you. (And if your boss asks for reports but doesn’t really seem to understand the meaning of social media or social metrics, then this is the read for you.)

Don’t just focus on the positive either; often what’s failing to resonate with your audience tells you more about what they’re interested in over things that get a mediocre-to-good reception. For each platform you can say: This is what’s working well that we’ll keep doing, this is what isn’t working and what I’d like to try instead, and here’s where else I’d like to experiment. You have the numbers to back it up! Use them to create a content calendar for each platform that shifts around content types, time of day to post, and hashtags to use when they’re applicable.

When you’ve got 10 minutes

With only ten minutes to put your report together, take the same approach as the thirty minute plan in putting together an overview, but then you’ll only have time to dig deeper into one particular platform or question. Decide if that’s follower growth across platforms, or if one platform in particular is struggling, what’s working and what isn’t there and what you plan to do about it moving forward.

When you’ve got 5 minutes

With just five minutes to give your boss or team some insight into your current social state, the insight stream is your best friend.

Union Metrics Multi-Channel Detail Insights


Use this to talk main ideas and from there what you’d like to dig into further and focus on moving forward.

Final advice

We try to build the best analytics we can in order to actively answer questions we know our customers have, which has lead to us building things like the insight stream that tells you at a glance what’s working and what you should be doing more of. If you ever have a question, comment, concern or idea for what we should focus on next let us know on Twitter @UnionMetrics or drop us a line.

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