NARS turns the beauty tutorial 360 degrees around

Last month NARS launched a 360-degree beauty tutorial in conjunction with Facebook, giving the viewer control of the tutorial process rather than just sitting back and letting a pre-recorded narrative take them through it. On desktop viewers could navigate with a mouse while mobile offered exploration literally at their fingertips. The introduction of immersive, interactive technology such as 360 video is especially interesting coming on the heels of a recent survey done by Google and L’Oreal showing that “women overwhelmingly prefer to continue watching short, high-quality ads over longer, more amateur ones”. It turned out in that same survey that younger women recalled amateur video better than the high quality they claimed to like more, however. 360 and other emerging video types have the potential to turn this on its head.

As PSFK wrote,

“In the video, NARS Lead Makeup Stylist Janice Daoud goes through the process of transforming her face. Her look features a variety of NARS products, each one sitting on a virtual makeup counter beneath video clips detailing the process. Text above and below the video clips break up the process into categories and actions. Each video falls into the Complexion, Eyes, Lashes & Brow, Lips or Cheek category.

NARS also features a link in the YouTube video for shoppers to access the specific products used in the tutorial. Using the video as a jumping off point for customers to browse products create another layer of interactivity. It mirrors the process many online beauty bloggers use by showing the specific uses of products through each stage of the look. The unique partnership could definitely hint at future collaborations between tech giant and influential beauty brands.”

The YouTube video (as seen above) gives a good idea of the execution of the campaign while sadly not being interactive itself. The shopability of it is a great for all of the reasons PSFK listed above, in addition to serving as a link between what audiences are used to- traditionally narrated beauty tutorials on YouTube- and the immersive possibilities of the future with 360 video and eventually VR. While that tech still isn’t accessible for most, it does have exciting implications for the future of beauty and more.

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