How to make the most of our free Twitter analytics

Have you tried our brand new Twitter snapshot report yet? You should! Our newest free analytics tool is a quick snapshot report with analysis on recently posted tweets about anything. Simply enter a search term, and you’ll get a report in just seconds that tells you about potential reach and impressions, tweet volumes and velocity, top contributors and tweets, and more. It’s a great way to get fast estimates on recent Twitter activity.

Not sure what to analyze? Here are a few of our favorite use cases. Try these to make the most of our free Twitter analytics.

1. Analyze your account

First, take a look at how your Twitter account is doing. How are your tweets performing? Who’s engaging with you? What’s your potential reach? Just enter your Twitter handle into the search bar. To be sure you’re capturing the full conversation, including responses to your tweets, try this query: @username OR from:username (but you know, put in your own Twitter handle in place of “username”).

2. Compare your competitors

Next, see how you stack up to the competition. You can search for any public Twitter account, so run a few snapshots on your competitors, or interesting people in your community. Each snapshot report comes with a tweet transcript, so you can learn what kinds of things your competitors are tweeting. You might find something you can use.

3. Measure the scale of a hashtag

You can search for anything that appears in a tweet, so try searching for your favorite hashtag. Got a Twitter chat you participate in? Run a snapshot on that hashtag. Curious how big the conversation around a hashtag is? Analyze it, and see how many tweets have been posted lately with that hashtag.

4. Identify influencers

Each snapshot report includes a list of the top tweeters, including how many retweets and potential impressions someone received. Use this to find and follow the influential Twitter accounts in any conversation.

5. Track the spread of a link

Curious about how many people tweeted about a recent blog post or article? Simply paste the URL into the snapshot report search box and see.

So give it a try today. And if you want to save any of these reports, you can create a free Union Metrics account and come back to them later. It’s good to monitor your progress over time, so come back tomorrow and run a new snapshot to see what’s changed.