Why you need to do more Facebook video

It’s no secret that Facebook is prioritizing video in its News Feed algorithm and ever since we ran our Facebook November Experiment we found video performs best for us, as well. (Always test best practices on your specific audience, after all.) Months later, video still performs better for us than any other form of content we’ve tried posting so far. The changing nature of social media means this could certainly shift in the future, but for now at least we recommend any brand looking to increase reach and engagement on their Facebook page consider what form of video might work best for their brand and run their own experiment.

The analytics speak for themselves

At the end of our November experiment, video was performing the best but our top post was still a link to our blog. Now all of our top posts so far this year are videos, as seen in our Union Metrics Facebook analytics:

FB video UM

These videos all still center around content on our blog, however, offering quick tips that interested viewers can learn more about by clicking through to the blog, or occasionally to test our free Instagram account checkup, watch our Echo video or other CTAs. An important thing to remember here is that while reach on videos is great, reach doesn’t mean a lot without engagement, so paying attention to the click rate of each post and the responses (this includes all actions taken: likes, shares, clickthroughs, video plays, other clicks, photo views, comments, hide post, hide all, report spam, unlike page) tells us what we can work on (the timing of the post, the content, the freeze frame image; there are lots of factors to consider!).

And it turns out that responses are better on link posts, at least for us so far this quarter:

UM FB post types

Video still holds the most combined reach, click rate and response rate overall for us though, so video is where we will keep focusing a good portion of our efforts! Our biggest takeaway from November still holds:

Providing a variety of useful content in different forms made the blog posts we did share perform better than if we just shared every blog post we produced mixed in with some third party links and the occasional Instagram photo.

What about Facebook Live?

Facebook is considering Live videos as different content from other “normal” video on Facebook, as discussed in this blog post. They’ll be prioritized in the News Feed while they’re live because

“People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video that’s no longer live. This is because Facebook Live videos are more interesting in the moment than after the fact.”

So if you have access to Facebook Live (for now that’s verified Pages and public figures using Mentions), consider this when planning your video content calendar. If you don’t but still want to plan for the eventuality, check out these examples shared by Facebook themselves and these from Marketing Land to start planning your own Live strategy.

Anything else?

Yes, remember that we’re talking about video that is natively uploaded to Facebook and NOT YouTube or other videos shared to Facebook. And if you like the way the Facebook analytics look in this post, they’re available through our Social Suite!

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