Advanced choose your own adventure on Twitter

We’ve covered quite a few different Choose Your Own Adventure type stories across social media in Campaigns We Love, but this Twitter iteration really knocks it out of the park, creating different accounts for each of the possible outcomes in each step of the story—  23 accounts in total!

Why didn’t creator Terence Eden go with URLs? He explains in this blog post, after sharing two other notable Twitter Choose Your Own Adventure stories:

“What’s interesting is that they both use URLs to direct the user to the next step of the game. That’s certainly a time-saver for the creator (as we shall see) but has a few disadvantages.

  • URLs eat into your character count. Each URL counts for 23 characters. So two choices really reduces the amount of space you have for story telling.
  • URLs also don’t work well if users are not on the Twitter website. If you’re using an app, you’re likely to be redirected to your web browser.
  • It’s easy to see the whole game just by scrolling through the Twitter feed.
  • You have to write the game in a linear fashion. That is, you need to write a Tweet before you can point a URL at it.”

The blog post breaks down the rest of the logistics of how he created his story, notably how he managed to get 23 Twitter accounts. These logistics are the most important part of this for a brand to note: You need to figure out how to map out your story, secure the necessary accounts, set them up, and test everything before it gets released into the wild.

Social is a perfect medium for interactive campaigns; they can help increase engagement with existing fans and followers as well as draw in new ones as the game is shared across networks. Just consider the work that goes into a well-executed one before creating your own!

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