4 quick tips for adding a new social media platform to your marketing mix

You’ve got a fantastic multi-channel social media strategy built out for your brand, you’re publishing content and measuring results regularly when suddenly a new platform appears. Don’t panic! We’ve got four quick tips for folding any new social media platform into your existing strategy.

1. Be sure your target audience is there

First, be sure your ideal audience is – or soon will be – on the new platform before you decide to join, unless you have the resources to join for fun to do some brand experimentation. Look for your brand advocates and current fans and followers first, then other target audience members and influencers you’d like to interact with. If it’s relatively early in the life of a new platform only some of your audience might be there, so you might need to tweak your content strategy a little bit. Which brings us to…

2. Decide how it’s going to fit into your overarching strategy

Most brands have distinct goals for each of the social platforms they’re on, so decide what your goals will be for this new one— and it’s okay if they shift over time. Tap into existing content to see how this platform can expand the life of what you currently have created, and how you can fill in any gaps in your overall content strategy with the angle this new platform provides.

3. Establish your brand voice within the developing culture of this new platform

Every platform has its own feel and the users build up different cultures and senses of humor within their various communities that often overlap. Decide how your established brand voice will fit in with the particular culture of this new platform and build your content strategy so that it reflects your brand values. If you start with existing content you can build the nuances of your voice for this particular platform over time.

4. Measure your efforts

You’ll never know what’s working and what isn’t unless you measure your efforts! Figure out what the meaningful metrics are for you on this new channel, even if you only start with a few simple ones. Don’t be afraid to adjust as your content strategy evolves on this new medium, since you’ll be learning as you go.

Of course, we recommend using an all-encompassing social analytics product like the Union Metrics Social Suite so you can easily get all of your metrics in one place at one time.

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