5 takeaways from the W2O Group PreCommerce Summit

To kick off SXSW 2016 our Social Media Manager, Sarah Parker, attended the W2O Group’s PreCommerce Summit. Here are five of her big takeaways from the day of panels, fire-side chats, and ten minute TED-style talks.

1. The unknown audience is becoming known.

We’ve all heard the phrase “know your audience” ad nauseam by now, but it’s important to remember the ratio of content creators (1%), those who create occasionally but share constantly (9%) and the vast silent majority of content consumers (90%). Bob Pearson laid this out in his talk, also reminding us that technology is enabling us to learn more than ever about that 9% of influential content curators we’re all courting these days.

2. Excellence, not eyeballs.

Measuring is important; that probably seems obvious coming from a social media analytics company, but as content creators we have to remember that providing excellent content of actual value to our customers, fans and followers has to be the number one priority. Create with the audience in mind, not just how many of their eyeballs you can capture.

3. Make space for innovation.

Jeremiah Owyang discussed the growth of the sharing economy and how successful brands aren’t fighting it but finding a way to embrace it, like Whole Foods’s partnership with Instacart. In his words, the brands that are successful with this are “the brands that have a dedicated innovation team”— something that not everyone has the resources for, unfortunately. But we can all set aside time in our own schedules and with our teams to experiment with new ideas and approaches to our content and strategy. 

4. Explore non-obvious partnerships.

Lady Gaga and Intel go together like. . .wait, what? Becky Brown of Intel knew it didn’t make sense to do something like sponsored content with Lady Gaga, so they took a different approach, enhancing what they call “The Lady Gaga Experience” for her fans with their tech. A good reminder to not to have too rigid of an idea of your brand; step back to consider different angles of what it means.

5. Consumers trust each other more than they trust brands.

Shiv Singh drove home this uncomfortable point for brands, that Jeremiah Owyang alluded to earlier in the day discussing the sharing economy. Tap into your community’s inherit trust in each other rather than you, in a way that makes sense for your brand; both in how you nurture your community and how you approach UGC in campaigns.

Final takeaway

Overall, it’s easy to get lost in the routines we build for ourselves and our teams. Stepping outside of these routines to experiment is vital for keeping our work dynamic and interesting.