Last month NARS launched a 360-degree beauty tutorial in conjunction with Facebook, giving the viewer control of the tutorial process rather than just sitting back and letting a pre-recorded narrative take them through it. On desktop viewers could navigate with a mouse while mobile offered exploration literally at their fingertips. The introduction of immersive, interactiveMore

There’s more to measuring engagement on social media than just counting likes and shares. Depending on your goals, you likely want to aim for one of four different types of engagement. Different posts encourage different behaviors, and you’ve probably find that certain types of content generate certain types of engagement. So, what types of engagement canMore

No matter how much you plan ahead as a Social Media Manager- or any other role in charge of social analytics in your organization- sometimes you get called upon to provide metrics on short notice. Here’s how to pull together what you need using the Union Metrics Social Suite, with however much time you have. WhenMore

We’re renaming our TweetReach products under the Union Metrics brand. Whether you’re a TweetReach snapshot report user or a paid TweetReach Pro subscriber, you won’t need to do anything during this transition. You’ll be getting the same TweetReach Twitter analytics you’ve always had, but over the next few months we’ll transition them all to theMore

As we head into the Final Four, let’s check in on how March Madness is doing on Twitter. More than 4.75 million March Madness tweets have been posted by fans so far in March. The biggest single day – at least until now – was March 18, during the first round. Here’s a streamgraph showingMore

Hyperlocal marketing is usually more associated with search than social media, but the latter has an increasing role in it. Local companies have a unique way to capitalize on this, combining more old-fashioned marketing techniques with newer technology. One vegan ice cream company in Austin recently did just that, hosting an “Easter Egg Hunt” from their Instagram page:More

We spend the week reading the best things we can get our eyeballs on and on Fridays we share them here with you. Leave your thoughts in the comments, or come find us on Twitter at @UnionMetrics. On Facebook and algorithms. Bookmark this and incorporate these tips into your social crisis comms plan: 10 tactics forMore

Live-streaming can be intimidating because there isn’t a lot of room for error. It’s just you and the camera. . .and however many other people are watching from the other side. If you’ve been wanting to give live-streaming a try but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got some quick tips to get you upMore

It’s no secret that Facebook is prioritizing video in its News Feed algorithm and ever since we ran our Facebook November Experiment we found video performs best for us, as well. (Always test best practices on your specific audience, after all.) Months later, video still performs better for us than any other form of content we’veMore

Mistakes are inevitable, even on the best social media accounts. Some mistakes are more common than others, however, but being aware of them is the first step to fixing them! Make these small tweaks today to increase engagement with your fans and followers. 1. Posting the exact same content across social media channels We say it soMore