What’s new on social? Facebook reactions and Twitter GIFs

It’s been a big week for our favorite social media! Two of our favorite sites have rolled out two widely anticipated features. Missed the news? Here’s what’s new.

We’ve finally gotten reactions on Facebook. Now you can do more than like a post – you can love, laugh, cry, even be angry. Think of the possibilities.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.39.19 PM

And we’ve got a new GIF button on Twitter. Next time you compose a tweet, you’ll see the new GIF button. Click it, and you get a ton of options, plus a handy search box, so you can find the perfect GIF to express every emotion and mood.


So now you can GIF and emoji-react to your heart’s content. And while these might seem like somewhat silly features, they actually do allow for more relevant and inclusive communication across social media. We’re living in a time of visual interaction; emoji, GIFs and all kinds of images and videos have never been more popular. They allow us to express ourselves in so much more than words, and that opens up myriad possibilities.

And this is how we feel about that.

excited ron