The Week in Social #189

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On new research and complying with the FTC.

New rules from the FTC means they’re most likely going to start cracking down on enforcement, so be sure you’re in compliance before you or any influencers you’re working with post (as the chart below shows, influencer marketing is only gaining in popularity). Fortunately Moz has A Checklist for Native Advertising: How to Comply with the FTC’s New Rules written by Will Critchlow. As we always say: When in doubt, disclose.

Jay Baer has an important point in emphasize in New Research Shows How Fast Companies Have to Be in Social Media:

“Speed is important, but just showing up and answering EVERY customer complaint is more important.”

Be sure you have a system in place to listen for customer complaints across social media that will also pick up things you aren’t directly tagged in.

From eMarketer: Influencer Marketing Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity Among Brand Marketers

influencer marketing


“Influencers are such an important part of what brands are doing today,” said Greg Manago, co-president of content and entertainment for North America at Mindshare. “The question [from clients] isn’t, ‘We want to do something with influencers; what do you think?’ It’s, ‘What’s the influencer strategy for this program?’”

On platform updates.

There were a lot of updates around our favorite social platforms this week, and here are the best pieces we found covering them. Ginny Marvin covers Facebook Releases New Video Ad Features, Including Automated Captions for Marketing Land along with an FAQ: All About How Twitter’s “New Improved” Timeline Works. (Here’s our piece on everything you need to know about it, now that it’s rolling out.)

A new metric for brands on Instagram and Instagram advertisers: Instagram Adding Video View Counts as David Cohen covers for Social Times. View counts will replace likes, and this should be rolling out “in the coming weeks”. 3 seconds will count as a view, in keeping with Facebook’s view count metrics. You can read Instagram’s post about it here.

And finally, as Snapchat continues to evolve, Maddy Pryor writes that you may see this year as 2016: The Year of Snapchat Storytelling [Devon PR].

“I think people are flocking to Snapchat because they’re seeing how effective it is as a storytelling platform. It’s a form of direct, intimate marketing we haven’t seen since the early days of email marketing, but about a trillion times more versatile and exciting.”

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Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.