The Week in Social #188

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On Snapchat and Facebook video

Been ignoring Snapchat? Andrew Hutchinson breaks down How Snapchat’s Evolving, One Small Update at a Time (and Why You Need to Pay Attention) for Social Media Today, and it’s definitely worth a read. If only because Snapchat’s linked with the NFL to sell big-name brands for a Super Bowl Live Story (Garrett Sloane for Digiday)— something social media marketers will definitely want to pay attention to.

In other social video news marketers will want to pay attention to, Lauren Johnson talks How Butterfinger’s Super Bowl Campaign Is Perfecting the Art of Facebook Autoplay Videos in Adweek. You’ve got to grab someone’s attention as they’re scrolling and get them interested enough in a silent video to click for sound, and hopefully finish it. But good news, if you manage that:

“The social net claims that 45 percent of people who watch the first three seconds of a video go on to watch at least 30 seconds, and 65 percent of folks view at least 10 seconds of a clip.”

On Super Bowl stats

eMarketer reports very good news for those who have spent millions on 30-second spots this Sunday: Viewers Still Like Super Bowl Ads.

“The good news for marketers is that at least some of the time people may be spending on their phones during the big game will be spent engaging with social media—often to share comments about the game or the commercials.”

sm super bowl

And maybe watching a second set of ads on Snapchat, which if successful could make that 31% figure go up next year.

For even more stats around viewership, advertising and more, see Super Bowl 2016 Data from Marketing Charts and L2′s Super Bowl Ad Competition Kicks Off along with our posts this week, The social Super Bowl: Ranking the NFL on Twitter and Previewing Super Bowl 50 commercials on Twitter.

And everything else Super Bowl

Can’t afford a $5 million ad spot? Never fear: Justin Lafferty  has 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Score Big on Twitter During #SB50 for SocialTimes.

Finally see How CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson Uses Social Media to Prepare for the Big Game via Emma Bazilian for Adweek:

How does social media play into your sideline reporting?
It’s extremely, extremely useful in what I do. I follow all the beat reporters from every team that I cover, whether they’re in the NFL or college basketball or the NBA, and it helps me prepare for the games because these beat reporters are on site 24 hours a day covering that team while I’m going to different teams every week. I tweet as well, but that’s more about putting the spotlight on whatever game we’re doing and getting people to watch.”

Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.