Updates to our Instagram analytics

Big news! We’ve made a bunch of updates to our Instagram analytics Trackers, and we think you’re going to love them. If you have a Union Metrics subscription with Instagram access, these updates are live in your account now. (And if you don’t have our Instagram analytics yet, but want to add them to your account, let us know! Or you can sign up for a brand new account here.)

Multiple hashtag tracking

Our Instagram hashtag Trackers now include support for monitoring multiple hashtags. So if you’re running more than one hashtag for a campaign, your fans use several different hashtags to talk about your brand, or you want to capture the full conversation about anything on Instagram, you can now measure multiple hashtags together in one Tracker.

Multiple hashtags

It’s super simple to set up, so log into your Union Metrics account now to try it for yourself. Just select Instagram -> Topic from your Tracker setup button. From there, you can create a Tracker based on multiple hashtags, which will pull posts from all of the hashtags together in one place. (And for those of you who like to get technical, hashtags will be ORed together, like #hashtagA OR #hashtagB OR #hashtagC.)

Create a new Tracker

Impressions per post

We’ve also beefed up our post reporting. Take a look at the post summary report in any of your Instagram Trackers to see some new data, specifically impressions per post.

Instagram Post Summary

You’ll now see impressions per post in all your Instagram Trackers – accounts and topics. So you can quickly see how many potential impressions an individual post generated. And in case you need a refresher on how impressions are measured on Instagram, impressions are calculated based on a publisher’s follower count at the time of posting. Since there’s no native amplification like a repost or instashare, impressions will only reflect the original publisher’s follower count, and will not include any amplification.

We hope you like the new features! If you have any questions, please let us know.