A day in the life of a Union Metrics Software Engineer

At Union Metrics we work hard to build the best products we can in the world of social media analytics, and that takes a lot of different talents. So one employee at a time we’re sharing what a day in the life of our jobs is like. 

Seeing a name like “Software Engineer” gives you an idea of what kind of work goes into that role, but there’s nothing better than an explanation from the person who lives it to understand it. With that, we give you an interview with Chloe Coon, a Software Engineer at Union Metrics. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

We come in and we do Standup as a team- tell everyone what we did yesterday and what we’re planning on that day to make sure we’re all in sync- and then I work on tickets. And since I’m currently the acting Support Engineer I get pulled aside to work on billing issues, or if the success team needs something that can only be done in the database, I do that. Sometimes I create reports, CSVs for Hayes (our CEO).

How does your role fit within the larger engineering team?

So I am a Rails developer, which means I do a lot of the stuff that customers use. Anything within the site is something I could work on. Right now I’m also the acting Support Engineer. And for big projects I’ll act as the Q&A Engineer – or as I like to call it, “clicking all the things”- and trying to make sure I do all the things customers will do so they can use it in the best way possible.

What’s the most unexpectedly fun part of your job?

This sounds corny but I just like hanging with the team! And I actually like the billing problems; I like to dig into why something didn’t work. It’s my niche on the team. Also all the different integrations I’ve helped implement over the past couple years were fun.

If someone wanted to work on our engineering team, what advice would you give them? 

They need to be ready to learn, above anything. The big thing when coming to work here is we do not have any lone wolves; we all do things together and we all pitch in. Everyone here is willing to help. There is no “I have no time for you.” It’s a lot of collaboration.

What’s the next thing you want to learn? 

I’m about to start working on Java, getting deeper into the back end of things, so we’ll see how it goes. They may ban me forever.

Does our engineering team sound like your style? We’re hiring!