Twitter, Chris Rock and the 2016 Oscars

Even if you didn’t catch the Academy Awards live last night, you’ve probably seen some of the conversation around host Chris Rock, especially if you’ve logged on to any of your social media accounts. Twitter is, of course, where most people go to share their thoughts live, so we took a look at the conversation on Union Metrics Echo around last night’s Oscar host:

  • There were more than 650k tweets about Chris Rock during the Oscars telecast yesterday. That accounts for about 10% of all Oscars-related Twitter conversation during the show.
  • Tweets about Chris Rock spiked at 5:44 pm PST with just over 24k tweets per minute, just as his opening monologue ended.
  • For comparison, there are typically 2,000 – 3,000 tweets about Chris Rock in a normal non-Oscars day.
Echo Oscars


Notable tweets about the host covered everything from appluading his comments on racism in Hollywood, to addressing those who have called him “a sellout” in the past, to bringing in Girl Scouts to sell everyone a mid-show snack. The host himself even tweeted a few times from backstage.

What was your favorite tweet of the night?

Featured image via Unsplash. If you’re interested in looking at the conversation around any event in Twitter’s history, Union Metrics Echo can do that. Available through our Social Suite