Recreate that coffee shop vibe at home via Starbucks and Spotify

Music is an integral part of coffee shops, so this brand pairing makes perfect sense. Via PSFK:

Starbucks and Spotify have teamed up to offer new features in the Starbucks app that include specially curated playlists.”

Using these features does require a little legwork on the part of the user- you’ve got to connect the apps and leave your location data on if you’re on iOS, which means a battery drain- it’s likely no trouble for the target audience of always-on-their-phone-and-in-a-coffee-shop people.

What really makes this brand partnership special is the ability for users to create custom saved and on-the-go-ready playlists based on what they hear in-store.

“So if a specific tune seems to improve a customer’s workflow in the cafe, they can save it to a ‘Saved at Starbucks’ playlist. This is perhaps the biggest perk of the collaboration; a customer could easily use the Shazam app to figure out what song is playing but the playlists can help them recreate the coffee shop vibe at home.”

And any brand that feels like home is one that’s going to get a lot of customer loyalty.

Starbucks and Spotify: App integration screenshots
A screenshot of the app integration

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