NYC Museums swap places on Instagram for a day

A few weeks ago, NYC’s museums traded Instagram accounts for a day, looking for parallels within one another’s exhibits to share with each other’s audiences.

This is a fantastic alternative to a regular Instagram takeover or influencer campaign that still gives both parties a huge potential audience boost. While the new audience might not be completely your target audience, the ability to point out what’s similar in your offerings to something they already love could earn at least one visit.

And while most brands aren’t museums, that’s the first step in acquiring a new customer, or devoted fan or follower—  something that’s definitely applicable to all brands. See all the swaps over on #MuseumInstaSwap, and think about how you could try this with your own brand account.

museum insta swap
The AMNH on Instagram: How could we resist? We’re kicking off our #MuseumInstaSwap with a piece by Pablo Picasso. The natural world can inspire us in unexpected ways, and #Picasso’s “Bull’s Head” 1942, is as striking as any fossil skull, despite being made from a bike seat and handlebars. @themuseumofmodernart’s exhibition, “Picasso Sculpture” closes February 7. Check out their feed for pics of the @AMNH!

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