Our new Twitter Trackers are live (and oh so pretty)

In December, we previewed some changes we were making to our Twitter Trackers and many of you tried them out during our beta period. We’re excited to report that these updates are now live and fully accessible to everyone!

In addition to a beautiful new look, Union Metrics Twitter Trackers include a few new metrics to help you betterĀ see how things are going. Here’s an example of our new Twitter account Tracker (we also have full keyword topic Trackers).

Union Metrics Twitter Tracker

You can read more about what’s changed on our help desk, or just log into your Union Metrics (or TweetReach Pro by Union Metrics) account now to see it in action.

Or, if you don’t yet have a Union Metrics subscription, maybe now’s the time to get one! Learn more here. You canĀ even see a live demo if you want to dig in a little deeper.