Margot vs Lily: Nike Women’s web series to get #betterforit

New Year’s resolutions have probably mostly been forgotten by mid-February, but Nike is keeping them alive via its new original web series Margot vs Lily that ties into its bigger #betterforit campaign.

The eight full episodes are being released gradually on their website and YouTube channel with shorter teasers across their social accounts- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr- tweaked for each place in the form of videos (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), photos, GIFs (Tumblr) and more. Twitter and Facebook also have Margot vs Lily cover photos, and Twitter has a pinned post and polls based on the content from different episodes.

With interested in web-based entertainment increasing, Nike has made a smart move in creating their own web series promoted perfectly across its social presence. It’s even further supported with extras on their site like the Get Fit Kit:

“Getting better starts today. Inspired by the show series,
Margot vs Lily, we’ve created eight kits with the gear,
workouts and playlists to take you to #betterforit.”

A smart product tie-in. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some episodes to catch up on.