3 tips to easily incorporate Tumblr into your social toolkit

Tumblr’s well established, tight-knit communities around just about everything you can think of make it a perfect addition to any comprehensive multi-channel social marketing plan. Here are three of our best tips to easily fold Tumblr into the rest of your social efforts.

1. Don’t try to build a new community on Tumblr; find your existing audience.

Social marketers talk a lot about building and nurturing the community around a brand, and Tumblr is one of the best places to do that. The built-in reblogging feature allows users to share each other’s content, adding their own layers of jokes, commentary, art and more. Even better for brands, it already has a number of well-established communities that likely hold your target audience.

Spend some time following some of the popular blogs listed in Tumblr Spotlight and learn how the community speaks and interacts before you join in the conversation. And make sure that when you do contribute, you post interesting and Tumblr-appropriate content, not noise that will alienate potential fans and followers.

Which bring us to. . .

2. Listen to your Tumblr community and don’t underestimate them.

Tumblr users are not shy. Listen to what they have to say; you can learn a lot from them. Users make posts about “the kind of content they want to see” as jokes with an undertone of seriousness and they’ll sometimes honestly assess and break down why a brand attempt to fit into the culture of the platform didn’t work. Pay attention to your target audience so you can see how they talk to each other and how your brand can join that conversation and add value to it.

3. You don’t have to reinvent your content wheel.

Just because Tumblr has a unique voice, it doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose your existing long-form content into shorter pieces  - like GIFs – that work on Tumblr. Nike Women’s Tumblr does this very well, mixing photos and GIFs related to its Margo vs Lily web series into the rest of its Tumblr content mix. This approach doesn’t feel forced and it fits in well with the fitness community that exists on Tumblr. Figure out what you have that will work on Tumblr – focus on photos and GIFs, humorous content, lifestyle content, and the like.

The bottom line?

Denny’s is often cited as a brand that fits well into the culture of the platform, but Nike Women took a slightly different approach that made sense for them. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little in a way that makes sense for your brand while keeping the culture of Tumblr in mind and remembering that it varies across its established communities. To do that? Listen to your audience and be responsive to what they have to say.

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