Uncovering the biggest social TV busts with Twitter data

For the past few weeks we’ve been keeping an eye on the big TV conversations on Twitter using Union Metrics Echo and writing about them for a weekly feature on Found Remote, the social TV hub of The Drum.

Union Metrics Echo
Echo in action.

As the column itself puts it:

“The TV industry has historically championed good TV ratings and used low ones to cancel and criticize shows. Social ratings however have rarely been about the bad. The media usually recognizes what goes viral on the web, but without standardized metrics it’s hard to identify what didn’t get big that was supposed to.” (Emphasis added)

We’ve decided to take up that challenge. If you want to catch up with the biggest fails we’ve unearthed so far around the latest in TV news – including shows old and new, political debates, cast reunions and more, check them out here:

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Got something you want to tap into in the Twitter archive? See how Echo can do just that