The best and worst ads of Super Bowl 50, according to Twitter

So what did Twitter really think about the slate of Super Bowl 50 commercials yesterday? Here’s a quick recap of what ads Twitter liked and which ones it didn’t. (You can read our earlier coverage here.)

The top five most tweeted-about brands were:

  1. Doritos: 324k tweets
  2. Budweiser: 285k tweets
  3. Mountain Dew: 251k tweets
  4. T-Mobile: 239k tweets
  5. Pokemon: 92k tweets

You can see those tweet conversations visualized here (in Pacific time). There’s a big Doritos spike early on in the game, when the brand’s first ad (featuring a hungry fetus) aired in the first quarter, followed closely by Mountain Dew and its horrifyingly mesmerizing #PuppyMonkeyBaby. This Mountain Dew commercial generated the most conversation of any individual ad – 146k tweets in the first hour and spiking up to more than 30k tweets per minute at its peak.

T-Mobile had two commercials; the first starred Steve Harvey and aired in the second quarter. The second T-Mobile ad featured Drake and aired in the fourth quarter. That commercial alone generated nearly 90k tweets in less than an hour.

Budweiser generated the largest single-hour tweet spike during the 7pm PT hour, when it aired two ads and generated 160k tweets. The second featured Helen Mirren and the #GiveADamn hashtag.

Super Bowl 50 hashtags


The least tweeted-about commercials of Super Bowl 50 were:

  1. WeatherTech
  2. Mobile Strike
  3. SunTrust Bank
  4. Persil ProClean
  5. Michelob Ultra

Finally, it’s worth noting that, while Esurance didn’t run an official Super Bowl ad during the game, they did air commercials directly before and after the game. Those ads encouraged viewers to tweet or tweet a hashtag to enter a sweepstakes. That hashtag – #esurancesweepstakes – generated nearly 2.2 million mentions on Twitter yesterday, easily dwarfing any of the official sponsors.

What did you think? Did you tweet about any ads this year?

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