3 tips to keep your Facebook strategy fresh

Don’t let changes with the Facebook News Feed algorithm leave you feeling overwhelmed; take it as an excuse to keep your Facebook strategy fresh! Here are our three best tips for doing just that.

1. Constantly experiment.

The month-long Facebook experiment we ran last fall taught us a lot about what was resonating- and what wasn’t- with our Facebook audience. To run your own experiment, start with at least one thing a week. Post different content types at different times, then rinse and repeat. The best way to keep on track is to build out a content calendar so you can make sure you’re not only posting a status at 10am on a Tuesday every week. Then test out some quick informal videos, sharing posts from other pages related to your industry, and more. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t and use that to build your content calendar going forward.

2. Keep an eye on the competition.

Whether or not you choose to like your competitors’ pages so they show up in your feed, knowing what they’re trying content-wise can show you what your strategy is missing— and also what theirs is! Be sure to capitalize on both. Fill in the gaps in your content strategy and take advantage of the gaps in theirs to fill in your target audience’s needs. Don’t copy their ideas outright, however. Find a way to rework them into something different that fits your own brand voice and values.

3. Listen to your community.

Here’s where a great multi-channel listening strategy is essential. Your target audience is already talking about you and you need to be sure that you’re paying attention in order to provide the best possible content for them. Your fans, followers and customers might not spell everything out for you explicitly, but looking for patterns in behavior around activity on your page can tell you what your community needs or wants more or less of. Have a system in place for listening outside of Facebook too, and for picking up mentions of your brand that don’t explicitly tag you. This way you’re more likely to find all the good and the bad being said and be able to build a valuable content strategy in response; one that solves customer pain points, teaches them what they need to know about your products, and hopefully entertains them along the way.

Bonus: Don’t forget your mobile audience.

See how much of your audience is on mobile and be sure your content strategy accounts for that. Instant Articles are rolling out to everyone soon, which is something to keep in mind if you have a large mobile audience.

What tips would you add? Tell us on our Facebook Page! And if you need help listening to what your fans and followers are saying about you, we can give you ears on Facebook and across Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr too with our Social Suite

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