Even if you didn’t catch the Academy Awards live last night, you’ve probably seen some of the conversation around host Chris Rock, especially if you’ve logged on to any of your social media accounts. Twitter is, of course, where most people go to share their thoughts live, so we took a look at the conversation onMore

Don’t let changes with the Facebook News Feed algorithm leave you feeling overwhelmed; take it as an excuse to keep your Facebook strategy fresh! Here are our three best tips for doing just that. 1. Constantly experiment. The month-long Facebook experiment we ran last fall taught us a lot about what was resonating- and whatMore

The Week in Social #191

We spend the week reading the best things we can get our eyeballs on and on Fridays we share them here with you. Leave your thoughts in the comments, or come find us on Twitter at @UnionMetrics. On Instagram marketing If you haven’t made Instagram part of your multi-channel visual marketing strategy, you may want toMore

A few weeks ago, NYC’s museums traded Instagram accounts for a day, looking for parallels within one another’s exhibits to share with each other’s audiences. This is a fantastic alternative to a regular Instagram takeover or influencer campaign that still gives both parties a huge potential audience boost. While the new audience might not beMore

It’s been a big week for our favorite social media! Two of our favorite sites have rolled out two widely anticipated features. Missed the news? Here’s what’s new. We’ve finally gotten reactions on Facebook. Now you can do more than like a post – you can love, laugh, cry, even be angry. Think of the possibilities.More

Tumblr’s well established, tight-knit communities around just about everything you can think of make it a perfect addition to any comprehensive multi-channel social marketing plan. Here are three of our best tips to easily fold Tumblr into the rest of your social efforts. 1. Don’t try to build a new community on Tumblr; find your existingMore

What are Twitter impressions? Why do they matter? How are they calculated? Twitter impressions are one of the most used and most controversial Twitter metrics social media marketers deal with today. So hopefully, we can help. Here’s a list of our favorite Twitter impressions resources. Get to know how Twitter impressions are calculated, the difference betweenMore

For those of us who spend a lot of time immersed in social media, it’s hard to remember the time before the hashtag. Its invention as we currently know and use it is credited to Chris Messina, via this 2007 tweet: how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?More

A lot of what we talk about around social media marketing focuses on brands who sell to consumers. But what if your target audience is other businesses? You can – and should – be using social media to reach them, but your strategy may vary from a B2C business. At Union Metrics, these are issuesMore

New Year’s resolutions have probably mostly been forgotten by mid-February, but Nike is keeping them alive via its new original web series Margot vs Lily that ties into its bigger #betterforit campaign. The eight full episodes are being released gradually on their website and YouTube channel with shorter teasers across their social accounts- Facebook, Twitter,More