The Week in Social #186

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On content marketing.

You’ve heard it by now: There’s too much content. We can’t read it all. But: Is Content Shock Real? Randy Milanovic discusses for KAYAK Online Marketing.

“When everything feels like it’s being written for everyone, no particular page or idea stands out.”

In a sea of content, make sure yours is personalized and valuable.

Marketing Charts asked marketers what their biggest challenge is in creating all of this content, and the answer is: Marketers, Creating More Content, Say Time Is Now Their Biggest Challenge



Kat French for Social Media Explorer rounds things out nicely with Making the Case for Long-Form Content. What it’s actually a case for is variety in content length:

“A healthy diet requires variety, and so does an effective content strategy. By varying the length (and depth) of your content, you can build a healthy, long-term relationship with your audience.”

So by all means give them snacks, but give them the occasional magnificent steak dinner too.

On visual content marketing and influencer marketing.

Everybody wants to work with a YouTube star, but not everybody knows how to do that well. Polina Haryacha discusses what not to do for KISSMetrics in Top 6 Mistakes Marketers Make on YouTube Influencer Campaigns

How often do you post on Instagram? Most Brands on Instagram Post Daily Content, according to the latest from eMarketer.

brands posting daily content on socialTo find the best times for your brand to post to Instagram, run a free Instagram account checkup. (And if you want more in-depth Instagram analytics, we know someone who can help with that too.)

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Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.