Pancake portraits with IHOP and Saipancakes

For a while now we’ve been writing over on our Tumblr about great social media campaigns we’ve seen in the wild, and we thought you’d like to get a little inspiration from them too. See a great campaign? Tell us about it! You can find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.

Our ancestors may have commissioned portraits of themselves, but we live in a time where you can commission a pancake portrait of yourself via Twitter from a diner. Pancake portraits done by professional pancake artist Saipancakes, no less. On January 15th, fans and followers of IHOP had the chance to get their portraits- or any other favorite photo- done in pancake batter by tweeting a photo and the hashtag #Panuary to IHOP. 

This was a great campaign for IHOP to engage fans and followers with something brand-related that’s eye-catching and unique enough to encourage them to share it with their own networks. It also brought in the already-engaged audience of a professional pancake artist who loves seeing his work.

Via Saipancakes on Instagram: 70 pancake portraits for ihop’s twitterers, and we weren’t even close to finishing. ..sorry if I couldn’t get to yours. #pancakeart #panuary

And as Convince & Convert put it,

“The beauty of these experiential campaigns is their ability to identify advocates. In IHOP’s case, 140 submissions in four hours equals quite a few brand advocates. While not every entrant may have received a pancake portrait, tracking and tagging these participants presents an opportunity to build a relationship with engaged fans.”

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