Find the best time to post on Instagram

One of the most common questions we’re asked at Union Metrics is, “When should I post on my Instagram account?”

Sadly, we usually have to say that there’s no single best time to post on Instagram. However, depending on the kinds of content you post and the audience you’re trying to reach, there are a few guidelines that work for most people. And better than that, we have a free tool that will help you find the best times to post for you and your content. But first, those general tips:

  • Instagram tends to be more active at night, so make sure you post some after dark.
  • Try posting 1-2 times a day to reach the largest possible audience.
  • Remember that your posts will continue to get likes and comments for hours, even days, after you post.
  • Add a few hashtags to your posts to reach a wider audience.
  • Photos posted on weekdays often get more engagement than those posted on weekends.
  • Your account may be different, so try posting at different times on different days to find out what works best for you.

But to find out what really works for you, run a free Instagram account checkup right now. Our free Instagram report takes just a minute to analyze your account, and it looks at your recent Instagram activity to help you understand exactly what’s working for your posts. Even better, there’s a section that helps you understand when your posts get the most engagement so you can know when you should post next. Here’s a sample of that section: best time to post to Instagram Here, the best time for this user to post is Fridays at 10pm (this is in her local time zone – your report will use your time zone). You can see the days and times she posts in various shades of blue. The darker the blue, the more engagement she gets at those times. You can see that in general, her evening posts get more likes and comments. She should continue to post in the evenings to maintain high levels of engagement. However, she could also try mixing it up and posting more during the day to see what kinds of engagement she gets then. She could post more often to get more data to better understand these patterns.

Your account may be totally different though, so go run a report on your Instagram account and see what it says about the best time for you to post. You can refresh your report with new data daily, so try it now, then experiment with some new photos or videos and come back in a few days to see if anything has changed. Good luck!

Want more engagement on Instagram? Our checkup analyzes the last 30 days of posts, likes and comments on your account to quickly give you key insights into how to improve.

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