A day in the life of the Union Metrics sales team

At Union Metrics we work hard to build the best products we can in the world of social media analytics, and that takes a lot of different talents. So one employee at a time we’re sharing what a day in the life of our jobs is like. 

Seeing a name like “Account Executive” gives you an idea of what kind of work goes into that role, but there’s nothing better than an explanation from the person who lives it to understand it. With that, we give you a guest post from Nichole Pladevega, an Account Executive on the Union Metrics sales team. 

I don’t know about you, but any time I’m out and about surrounded by new people (in Austin the setting is likely a brewery/bar, BBQ joint, live music event, Town Lake, or the Whole Foods on 6th), I’m asked “so, what do you do?” at least once. As a sales person, I see most human interactions as opportunities. There are different ways I can approach the question, and I’ll choose my answer based on context clues like body language, the conversation leading up to the question (if there was one), and audience size. I can best describe my thoughts on the sales life by comparing it to match making and speed dating. I know, I just made it weird, but hear me out.

dating banana
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Match Making:

  1. Listen to a prospect’s needs (must haves, nice to haves, absolutely nots)
  2. Explain their options (product lineup) and the pros and cons of each (features, benefits, $)
  3. Set up a date in the form of a one on one demo (sometimes a 2nd date if the 1st wasn’t quite enough)
  4. Debrief: what worked, what didn’t work, and where do we go from here
  5. When a prospect finds their match and becomes a customer, I wave enthusiastically as they ride off into the sunset (but I’ll check in occasionally in the event of a Where Are They Now? special episode)

Speed Dating:

  1. Get people to agree to talk to me at a designed date and time or reply to my email (sometimes after many “look at me” tactics)
  2. Have multiple quick calls/demos or email exchanges (about why Union Metrics is great and how we can make your daily life easier)
  3. Assess the pool, set up real dates with a lucky few (or maybe just a special one), and see what happens!

At the end of the day it’s all about putting myself out there, practicing my standup routine while setting expectations, and hooking everyone (one can dream) up with our social media analytics software. Rinse. Repeat.

Did the sales life choose you? Think you have what it takes to join our sales team and put up with me on a daily basis? Sweet! See our sales openings here, and connect with me on LinkedIn here.