TakisUSA’s storytelling on Instagram

For a while now we’ve been writing over on our Tumblr about great social media campaigns we’ve seen in the wild, and we thought you’d like to get a little inspiration from them too. See a great campaign? Tell us about it! You can find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.

TakisUSA has a great storytelling campaign going on their Instagram account. They update the adventures of some laser-eyed kittens (the Takis Laser Cats) as they travel through space/”the parallel Taki-verse”, based on the comments left by fans and followers.

Takis USA
takisusa: Thanks to your responses, the laser cats have escaped to the parallel Taki-verse! But there’s still danger ahead. What do you think is through the Takis Vortex?

This is a very clever way of increasing engagement and letting fans and followers feel more involved in the brand’s story.

While this seems to have evolved naturally out of this first Laser Cat post, Takis would do well to add the #TakisTales hashtag to the earlier Laser Cat photos so they can all be found on one page— and easier way for newcomers to get in on the story.

They could also use it on the Laser Cats appearances on their Twitter and Facebook posts, tying the multi-platform visual story together a little tighter.

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