The 2016 Golden Globes: See how Twitter celebrated Leo’s win

We’ve been covering the social conversation around The Golden Globes since 2011, and it has truly been a delight to see it evolve over the past six years.

Yesterday saw more than 3.5 million tweets about the Golden Globes, with the biggest spike in tweets coming about an hour before the broadcast ended (9pm CT) according to data from our own Echo


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Notable tweets from that time cover Leonardo DiCaprio’s best actor in a drama win for The Revenant.

Celebrate with GIFs, Leo! (And we’ll cross our fingers that you finally get that Oscar.)

Meanwhile on Instagram, the top #GoldenGlobes post of the evening went to Katy Perry and her professional concerns:

Katy Perry on Instagram: Help. I have to “act professional” all night. #goldenglobes

Did you watch and live-tweet the Globes last night? What was your favorite joke or moment of the night? Tell us about in the comments, or come find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.

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Featured image via Unsplash on Tumblr